MenzShed Halswell partnership to deliver more accommodation choices for transitional rehabilitation

MenzShed Halswell is partnering with The Granada Centre for transitional rehabilitation in a unique collaboration to build a Tiny Home showcasing the future of accessibility technology. 

Tiny Home Sponsor ProposalThe Tiny Home will contain the latest innovations in smart home and assistance technology with applications beyond residential disability care. 

The Granada Centre at St John of God Halswell will utilise the unit for transitional rehabilitation care. This accommodation option will provide choice and flexibility for a person living with disability as they face ongoing barriers and challenges to participating in a community setting.

Virginia Spoors, Health and Ability Services Southern Regional Manager, said the Tiny Home fills a unique space in supporting people as part of a Transitional Rehabilitation Journey.

"We know that people living with a disability often face significant challenges in the availability and suitability of housing options as they move into a community environment. The Tiny Home will be a supported living option for a resident to help achieve their goals in community living, while still having onsite residential care support available."

The MenzShed Halswell has operated at the grounds of St John of God Halswell for over four years and formally signed an MOU with St John of God Hauora Trust for the building of the Tiny Home in 2019.

The completion of the Tiny Home will be a community endeavour that will rest upon the philanthropic support of local businesses and donors. Go to to find out how to sponsor or donate to help complete this important project.