Transitional Rehabilitation Care at The Granada Centre

Helping you achieve the goals most important in your life.

Our philosophy at the Granada Centre is focused on helping you to regain your ability to participate in life.

We believe all people living with a disability deserve to live an enriching and independent life, maximising autonomy in their lifestyle and daily choices.

We want you to regain a meaningful place back in your community. To achieve that, our team will work in partnership with you and your whanau to achieve your goals.


Your Transitional Rehabilitation Service

The Granada Centre is a specialist centre for transitional rehabilitation care. We provide a residential rehabilitation service alongside our long-term residential care operation, as well as supporting clients living in the community.

We are experienced in supporting people recovering from a broad range of brain injuries as well as neurological conditions.


The next step in your journey

If you are able to, we would like you to come and visit us prior to admission. Meet some of the team and have a look at what will be your home while you are with us. We give you a commitment to work alongside you in partnership, to maximise your potential and foster independence and participation in everyday life.

Starting on this part of your rehabilitation journey can be a significant change as you get to know a new environment and new faces.

All our caregivers work together to ensure that your transition is smooth as we acknowledge that this will be different from what you have experienced so far so you move into this next phase.


What is life like at The Granada Centre?

You will have your own room with a garden view. There are lounges, therapy areas, a gym that is accessible seven days per week and large beautiful grounds.

There is an experienced trans-disciplinary team including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, rehabilitation assistance, music therapy and support staff.

You will have an individualised program which will be a mix of therapy and activity including options like hydrotherapy and everyday activities like shopping, gardening and cooking some of your own meals.

You can see more about our service and some of the stories of our care on our YouTube channel, or contact us for more detailed information about support.