Vision, Mission and Values

As a Ministry of the Catholic Church, St John of God Hauora Trust models its service delivery on the healing Mission of Jesus Christ. This means offering hospitality, hope and healing to all for whom we care and to all who choose to work with us.

Our Mission

To continue the healing mission of Jesus. 

Our Vision

We are recognised for care that provides healing, hope and a greater sense of dignity, especially to those most in need.

Our Values

Hospitality – Manaakitanga

A welcoming openness, providing material and spiritual comfort to all.

Compassion – Aroha

Feeling with others and striving to understand their lives, experiences, discomfort and suffering, with a willingness to reach out in solidarity.

Respect – Whakaute

Treasuring the unique dignity of every person and recognising the sacredness of all creation.  

Justice – Tika

A balanced and fair relationship with self, neighbour, all of creation and with God.  

Excellence – Hiranga

Striving for excellence in the care and services we provide.


Diversity Statement

At St John of God Hauora Trust we employ and are privileged to work with people from a range of cultures, beliefs, abilities, genders and sexual identities.


Our Logo

St John of God Hauora Trust is represented here in New Zealand by the Pātiki (fish) representing the strength of Māori culture.

The Pātiki occurs throughout Māori art as a symbol for hospitality and the ability to provide food and good weather. This logo was developed by Christchurch based Ngāi Tahu designer Hori Te Ariki Mataki of Ariki Creative. The icon designs of our values were designed by Ngāi Tahu artist Morgan Mathews-Hale.

The pomegranate was adopted by the Sisters of St John of God to reflect the order’s patron saint, Saint John of God, who ministered to the sick and poor in the Spanish town of Granada (which means pomegranate in Spanish) in the first half of the 16th century.

Our five Values are reflected in the five seeds of the pomegranate, which is open, allowing the seeds to scatter and representing the generous self-giving required to reach out to people in need. The cross, the symbol of Christianity, reminds us of Jesus’ suffering and his call to follow in his footsteps.