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Humans of Karori - Vish

Humans of Karori - Vish

It’s very motivating to be involved in the gym here. There is nothing better than seeing the residents achieve their goals.


Exercise is an important part of improving the quality of life for people here. We look at improving the activities of daily living and to keep them mobile so that they can stay as independent as possible. Some of the residents are working towards goals like standing or smaller tasks like being able to pick up a fork to eat with so that they don’t have to rely on other people.


A fun part of my role is organising physical and social activities in the community. We went bowling recently and the look on their faces when they got a strike or a spare was just pure joy. I love bringing joy.


It would be great to have a gym with more space and more equipment so that I can increase the scope of exercises that I can prescribe and to be able to do more activities on site. It really is so important for increasing the residents’ strength, endurance and mobility, and more importantly their wellbeing.