My Life Model of Care

My Life Model of Care

The My Life Model of Care aims to replicate the care that someone would receive in their own home. MyLife is creative and constantly evolving. It empowers caregivers to think outside the square, engaging the strengths of the resident and their colleagues to achieve a common goal.

MyLife is a Mode of Care that is:

  • Individualised
  • Driven by potential
  • Focused on participation and choice
  • Everyone is a therapist
  • Collaborative, consultative and empowering
  • Not defined by diagnosis, nor influenced by complexity.

My Life is informed by our service ethos in which our St John of God Mission inspires our service. Every encounter, and interaction with people, at any stage of their journey, provides us an opportunity to exceed their expectation.

The way we work together as a community, in our own team and with other teams, is integral to our service. Our people are committed to delivering good stewardship of our resources, and believe feedback about how well we are doing is crucial.

As essential feature of My Life is that we see that everyone is a therapist. Every one of our people are active participants in how we meet the needs of the people we support. All of our people or caregivers:

  • Contribute to a culture of service and care.
  • Are committed to the goals of rehabilitation.
  • Work creatively to help residents achieve goals.
  • Make decisions in the spirit of subsidiarity.
  • Work together as a community.

Our aim is to produce care environments that are conducive to resident participation and decision making, and that facilitate resident participation in both onsite and community based activities.

We aim to support residents to try new opportunities and engage with managed risk.

Our aim is to provide environments that are home-like and respect each residents personal space as well as physical and informational privacy.