The Granada Centre

The Granada Centre delivers Transitional Rehabilitation services for adults with physical and neurological disabilities in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We provide individual and group therapy and rehabilitation as an outpatient service to help to maximise your long term recovery, independence and quality of life. We specialise in rehabilitation for:

  • Brain injury
  • stroke and brain haemorrhage
  • adults needing therapy before returning to work
  • adults living with neurological conditions
  • people experiencing difficulties with balance, coordination, motor-skills and swallowing.

Your individualised therapy and rehabilitation program may combine a number of activities including:

  • group exercise or group communication classes
  • individual sessions with a physiotherapist, speech language therapist, occupational therapist
  • hydrotherapy (offsite) or music therapy
  • social and support groups
  • sensory groups or writing groups.

Our team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, a speech language therapist, counseling and advocacy coordinators, therapy assistants and community inclusion and participation personnel.

Music Therapy

Southern Music Therapy (SMT) is a private practice which provides a music therapy service out of the Music Room at the Granada Centre. SMT see both long term residents and rehabilitation clients from St John of God. The Allied Health Team refers clients to the music therapy service, or clients can self-referral. SMT team also sees community clients in the music therapy clinic, and travels within the community. Check out our website for more information and facebook page @southernmusictherapy or contact the director Kimberley Wade on [email protected].

Music Therapy New Zealand: 'Finding Your Voice' from Liminal Pictures on Vimeo.


Treatment programmes

As part of your programme, a therapist meets with you or your loved one to help determine your goals and therapy needs. Treatment goals may include maximising mobility and physical independence in daily living, re-educating normal movement patterns or household tasks like cooking and bathing.

Programmes usually combine hands-on treatment with exercises at home to optimise improvement. Depending on individual circumstances, treatment can be provided at your home or in the modern facilities at the Granada Centre.

Fees and payment

Therapy fees range from $5.00 (group classes) to $55.00 (individual therapy) for a 45 minute session.Depending on your individual circumstances, some government funding may be available.

How to make an appointment

You do not need a doctor's or nurse's referral to engage with our team. If you would like to have a free, no obligation chat about our services and how we could support you, please call today on 03 338 2009 or email [email protected]

Location & contact

The Granada Centre
26 Nash Road, Halswell
Christchurch 8025
Tel: (03) 338 2009
Fax: (03) 338 2008
Email: [email protected]

Enquiry Form

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