MOTOMed trainer improves quality of life for residents living with disabilities

A specific gift from a family in 2018 facilitated the purchase of a MOTOMed trainer.

This important piece of rehabilitation equipment helps people to exercise inactive limbs to stimulate circulation as well as promoting and building strength.

Resident Tyler first came to St John of God Halswell for respite and day s tay care in 2017 then becoming a fulltime resident in 2019.

The gym at The Granada Centre because a quick favourite for Tyler who since becoming a resident is really pleased the gym and MotoMED has helped him lose nearly 20kg.

"The MotoMED has stripped kilos off for me. It's helping my legs stand up straighter so I can stand up straighter instead of losing my balance. It helps with leg stimulation helping my legs to feel stronger. In MotoMED March I did about 80km and am looking forward to MotoMED March and May next year."

Jack Haughton, Manager of The Granada Centre for Rehabilitation and Therapy said the MotoMED has been a vital tool in supporting our residents.

"The MotoMED is our most used piece of equipment in the whole gym. In March 2020 we organised a competition called MotoMED March which the residents really got into. Some of the residents had nearly clocked 100km on it until the point we had to bring it to an early close because of the COVID-19 lockdown."

The Granada Centre provides Rehabilitation and Therapy services for residents living at St John of God Halswell as well as supporting an increasing number of clients requiring transitional rehabilitation care.

The MotoMED trainer at The Granada Centre is one of a number of pieces of essential equipment that we would not have access to without important philanthropic support. Support our Mission and see more about how philanthropy is vital to how we support people and communities.

Resident Tyler hard at work on the MotoMED