Our unique approach to early childhood education at Waipuna

Little Owls Preschool is a unique centre that fosters respectful and reciprocal relationships with our tamariki and their whanau. Our dedicated teachers support children through an array of developmental stages from birth through to school entry.

Our team at Little Owls Preschool 

6 November 2019 

Our team work comprehensively with families on highly sensitive family relationship situations such as Oranga Tamariki notifications. Some individuals in our community can experience complex social issues ranging from financial and employment pressures, mental health and relationship challenges.

According to St John of God Waipuna Manager Early Childhood Education Avadene Broeren the centre has a unique capacity to provide supported referrals to health and social services as well as supporting those families to maintain their engagement with education.

“Many Early Childhood Education providers will provide a report of concern that will often result in the family leaving the centre," Avadene said.

"Our aim is to maintain reporting requirements while at the same time working collaboratively and proactively with those families to help them grow and develop.

“At Little Owls we want families to feel engaged and supported in an education environment.

"We often work with parents to advocate for their children, some of whom may not have had proactive role models and advocates in their own upbringing.“

Along with supported referrals to organisations such as Oranga Tamariki, Ministry of Education and the Public Health Nursing Service, St John of God Waipuna offers a range of social work and family development services that help families to grow and develop.

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